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The Davison DDA is looking for Community minded people to Volunteer!

Volunteerism: The act of donating a person’s time, effort, and service without financial compensation. Although most volunteering positions are unpaid, applicants are looking to make a difference and gain valuable experiences. Consider volunteering in the Davison Community. You can make a difference! Festival Of Flags Community Parade * Car Cruise * Art / Music / Food Fair * Music On Main St. * Trunk or Treat * Pumpkin Festival * Christmas On Main St. Employers are taking a much closer look at candidates’ volunteer activities.

If you’re Wondering if employers consider it a legitimate experience, the answer is YES! In fact, a survey found that 41% of hiring managers believe volunteer experience is equally as valuable as paid work. LinkenIn found 89% of professionals surveyed had volunteer experience. It will show any job opportunity how you have helped along with the experience you gained.

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